Jean Paxton

I have been surrounded by the beauty of Utah all of my life. I started painting and drawing at a young age trying to capture and keep the memories of our landscapes. I am a self-taught artist enjoying the freedom of creating my own technique.

Taking classes at the University of Utah and studying with Utah artist, Bonnie Posselli for almost 20 years has honed my skill. I have also attended many clinics by Utah artists, always looking for ways to improve my technique.

Most of my early work has been created in my studio with pictures I have taken in my travels. Recently introduced to Plein Air painting, I fell in love with painting on site. I am very active with traveling, hiking, camping, Plein Air painting and Martial Arts. To live in such a beautiful state, and being able to paint it, has been a joy. 


Jean and dog Jean nature fishing
Plein Air Painting